Topmast+ Professional Agility Dog Walk

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Topmast+ Professional Agility Dog Walk

Give your dog agility training in the best possible way, at home or at the club. This dog walk is the ideal preparation for agility competitions. With this dog walk you can compose your own course or expand your course to broaden your dog's agility exercises.



  • The top layer is provided with a good anti-slip layer, which also functions well in damp weather.
  • Very sturdy cat walk for professional use.
  • Metal frame, which is adjustable in height (ideal for beginners / novices).
  • Completely disassembled and easy to store at home.
  • Metal feet adjustable in height.
  • Extra supports are included, for extra strength and stability.


Features and dimensions:

  • Colors: Blue & Yellow (two colors which are visible to the dog).
  • Adjustable height: 93-107 cm
  • Interface sizes: 90 cm
  • Width 30 cm
  • Length run-up and run-off surfaces: 248 cm
  • Folding up and down part: Up to a length of 122 cm
  • Flat piece: 243.5 cm
  • Flat piece foldable: Up to a length of 124 cm
  • Slat spacing 23 cm
  • Slat height: 1 cm
  • Slat width: 1.5 cm
  • The set consists of 4 packages.