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In 1987 the Fam. Witjes started their first pet shop in Brabant, after which a second pet shop was soon opened. After 10 years it was time for a new challenge, the stores were sold to Pets Place, and the new location in Drenthe was completely changed. Witjesverzendhuis will then be created as you know the company now.

Naturally, the first pet supplies, in particular various cages, are sent by post on a small scale from a shed behind their house. Through trade magazines, Witjesverzendhuis quickly became a well-known name, especially among dog breeders and dog lovers. From 2003, customers could also place their order in one of the first pet supplies online stores.

The company was relocated to the industrial area of Emmen, and scaling up took place each time. We are now 18 years later and have grown into one of the leading online sellers in the Netherlands, Belgium and many other countries. We import most of our core assortment worldwide ourselves, and the products that we do not import ourselves we only purchase through competitive price agreements with other large parties, which means that our vision, to always offer our customers a competitive price, still stands as a house.

In September 2013 we moved to our new building at Charles Darwinstraat 13 in Emmen. Our new warehouse is no less than 8000 m2 in size.

Not only consumers, but also many traders have found us. Many products are sold exclusively through our well-known brand Topmast. We always try to think along with our customers, to strengthen our vision together based on a win-win approach.

A team of 25 people is working intensively every day to process your orders with care. Naturally, we do everything we can to deliver your order to your home in good condition as quickly as possible!

Our websites are regularly updated, so that you can always choose the right range and always serve your customers correctly up-to-date.