Topmast Dog Bike Trailer Original - Foldable - Blue - Medium

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Topmast Bicycle Trailer Original Medium

Make trips with your dog even more fun with the Topmast bicycle trailer, this bicycle trailer is designed to provide a safe and comfortable place for your dog while cycling. The bicycle trailer is easy to assemble and can bear up to 30 kg of weight.


Dimensions and weight:

  • The dimensions of the cabin: 68 x 44 x 50 cm
  • Including the wheels, the bicycle trailer is 78 cm wide, with which you can easily go through most doors.
  • This version weighs 12 kg and can support up to 30 kg.



  • There is an entrance at both the front and the back, so that you can determine yourself through which side your dog can enter.
  • The 'door' at the front can even be zipped open at two different heights so that both large and small dogs can safely look outside.
  • The bottom is non-slip and easy to clean.
  • On the bottom is a ring to which you can secure your dog with the supplied leash.
  • The cabin blocks rain and UV radiation.
  • The bicycle trailer has a lowered frame, which makes it very stable.
  • Do you use the bicycle trailer behind an electric bicycle? You can, but be aware of the extra risks at higher speeds. Especially when cornering, slow down. A bicycle trailer has no aids such as ABS or Traction controll.