Premium Water Blower 'Phoenex Jetstream' - With LCD Display

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Phoenex Jetstream Water Blower

The Phoenex Jetstream water blower from Topmast is the latest generation of water blower / dog hair dryer with a luxurious LCD screen. The LED screen shows important information such as the working time and the temperature of the airflow.



  • Temperature & airflow can be set variably.
  • Light in weight.
  • Quiet motor with less energy consumption.
  • Includes easy handle.
  • Includes two attachments that can be placed on the end of the hose mouth.
  • Temperature can be set up to a maximum of 60 degrees.
  • Airflow: 47.5 litres/second.
  • Mark: CE European approval.
  • Watts: 2200 Watts.