What is drop-shipping?

Drop-shipping is a sales method by which you sell products that you do not hold in stock and do not need to send yourself. You are offering our products and selling them via your own website.

A consumer places an order with you via your online shopping website. You then place an order with Petdiscount for the items which the customer has ordered on your website.

We assemble the order and ship the order directly to your customer. The parcel that is shipped to the customer contains no details indicating that it was shipped from us as a wholesaler.

To summarize:

  1. You have an online shopping website offering items which include our products.
  2. A customer visits your online shop.
  3. The customer pays you for an order.
  4. You place the order with us with your customer’s address as the shipping address.
  5. We ship the items under your name to your customer.

Drop-shipping advantages

Shorter delivery times

We deliver the order directly to your customer, cutting the delivery time by one day.

You do not need to hold items in stock.

You do not need to have a warehouse to stock the items. This means that you have no investments in terms of purchasing and warehousing. You are also able to immediately implement any changes in our product range without being left with ‘old’ or obsolete products in stock.

Less work

You will not have to carry out any logistics for order shipment. We have a modern warehouse where drop-ship orders are processed using professional systems and personnel.
You only have to handle your own marketing and customer service.

Additional note as of 1st January 2019:

Because of the large number of drop-ship customer requests, we have chosen, as of the 1st January 2019, to work only with clients who hold some stock. We only offer drop-shipping as an additional service to our ‘stock-holding’ customers, giving them the opportunity to complete their orders via a drop shipment directly to the customer when they are missing certain items in their own stock.